FlickrFan Event: Boston Photography Center January Meetup

December 17, 2009

Boston Photography Center

BPC was born to bring Photography to YOU! BPC is a place for all genre photo-lovers, amateurs and Pros. I want to hear your ideas ! I want you to let me know what makes you happy! I want you to bring a little note about the kinds of events , click and shoots , lectures .. that you wish we could bring to YOU our member.. I also need you to understand more about BPC ( especially new members and what what we expect from our members.

REMEMBER . we are NOT a Meetup group! ( can I repeat myself over and over and over and if I hear one more time someone is calling our event A Meetup then I will charge them $100!

The first hour of the meeting will be a discussion of current and upcoming BPC projects and groups: the Neighborhood Project , the Holiday Fair , Our new space , new workshops .. and more importantly please bring some of your ideas we would like to hear them so we can utilize them in the future of BPC . Come and hear what we’re planning, and give us feedback about how we should proceed.

Our second hour would be about a session of photo-critique ( twice a year only ) ….please bring not more that 2 images and we will go from there..and please be ready for some true and to the point but indeed constructive criticism!

truly yours and lets start our year STRONG! this will be a fabulous year with all of our new projects.


( This space have plenty of places TO PARK , 5 TO 7 minutes from Maverick square T.station , it is an Artist building ( Lofts , work only) , the view is fabulous and one of the very first Artists lofts in E.Boston .Many are moving in because of the location and price. Many are being built as I’m writing to you!)

East Boston, MA 02128 – USA

Wednesday, January 13 at 8:00 PM

Fee: Price: USD 5.00 per person

Meetup details


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