FlickrFan Event: February Photo Stroll Fishermen’s Terminal

February 11, 2010

Seattle Flickrites

9 A.M.?!! What are you trying to DO TO US?

Actually, I’m going to be there earlier (getting there around 0700) for some sunrise shots and breakfast at The Bay Cafe (which opens at 0700).
Fishermen’s Terminal is in Interbay, just across from Ballard, and is home to many of the fishing boats based in Seattle originate.

We’re doing this early in the day in hopes of:

1) Better light

2) Finding people at work on the boats

3) Fewer tourists

There are lots of photo opportunities on the docks, close up on the boats, at the memorial to lost fishermen …

Can’t promise good weather, but hey, you live in SEATTLE, not Miami Beach. So get up, grab a good coffee somewhere, and join us.

There’s lots of parking near the Highliner Pub which is where we will gather to get started.

Seattle, WA 98199 – USA

Saturday, February 20 at 9:00 AM

Attending: 3

Meetup details


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