Flickrfan: The Gaslight Anthem

February 10, 2010

The Gaslight Anthem, flickrfan, gaslight, anthem, columbus, ohio, newport, music, hall, canon, rebel, xti, 400d, rock, roll, live, cd, 101,photo by foshydog on FlickrFan Stan's site licensed under Creative Commons

Photographed by foshydog

The Gaslight Anthem played at the Newport Music Hall in Columbus, OH on 03/30/09. These guys have a ton of energy and really get into their set. They have been getting a lot of air time on the local radio station with their hit song “59 Sound”. They were a great band to photograph since they really showed lots of emotion during the show. The crowd was going crazy for them and a few people did some crowd surfing. I didn’t take any pictures of that for some reason. There was more security in the photo pit for this show than for any other I have been to. They grabbed a few different people and pulled them over the barrier during the first 3 songs when I was shooting. It was pretty intense. A good ways through the set they played a cover of “The Replacements” song “Left of the Dial”. This rendition was awesome and was the first time I had ever heard any band cover “The Replacements”. I have to say that this cover was probably one of the best I have ever heard. His voice was spot on. Grab a ticket to see these guys if they come through your town.



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