FlickrFan Event: Learn how to use your Flash workshop by Lou Jones

February 7, 2010

Boston Photography Center


This workshop will be in our Studio . Lou will be showing you examples of indoor use of Flash.

Using Flash – This is a more tricky area for many people, even the more experienced. There are probably more combinations and chances of things going wrong here, than with any other type of lighting. It all depends on;

Is your flashgun or speedlight "dedicated" to your camera?
Does it have a full range of settings, including E-TTL (Canon), i-TTL or D-TTL (Nikon) or full auto?
Does it fit on the "hotshoe" or base of the camera?
Does it have a bounce and swivel head?
Does it have "Slave" capabilities?
Does it have enough power?

As photographers we’re always looking for perfect light.
And yet, the quality of available light isn’t always ideal. It is rarely perfect.

But in using flash wisely, we able to enhance or over-ride the available light. With careful use of flash, we are more in control of light, and hence the way photos will look .

Lou Jones is one of Boston’s most diverse & inspiring commercial & fine art photographers, known for his courage, creative skill & humanity. He specializes in photoillustration & location photography for corporate, advertising & editorial clients like:

IBM Major League Baseball Federal Express
Peugeot Museum of Fine Arts Paris Match
KLM National Geographic People Magazine
Nike Price Waterhouse Aetna

Hope to see you there!

The workshop is about 3 hours .

Boston, MA 02128 – USA

Saturday, February 27 at 1:00 PM

Attending: 1

Fee: Price: USD 26.50 per person

Meetup details


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