Flickrfan: Go fetch 061365

February 4, 2010

go fetch 061365, flickrfan, fetch, playing ball, messy, tiny, plastic, toy, robot, 365 day project,photo by Paloetic on FlickrFan Stan's site licensed under Creative Commons

Photographed by Paloetic

At dawn there was a pirate no show, so Tiny decided to take Messy for a walk.

T: Go fetch, Messy.
M: No you go fetch.
T: No, your the dog – your supposed to go fetch.
M: Why should I pick up after you. Your the one that threw it away – you go fetch.

Tiny can’t even get messy to play ball.

"why do you need me to go fetch quotes from different articles when you can do a simple Google search and find examples for yourself?" (xrandadu hutman writing a complaint letter to an editor)

61/365 Toy Project

61/One Object 365 Project



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