Flickrfan: From Montrose with Love.

February 4, 2010

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Photographed by kern.justin

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I have a big day Monday and things are going to be a bit sparse here on tWp until then. Don’t get me wrong, there will be a daily photograph, but I doubt I’ll have much time to craft more than a few words to go along with those images. Today’s photograph was taken from the sea wall of Montrose beach last Sunday. The sun had just risen and Mike and I were walking along the ice crust when I noticed a slight hole had melted at the edge of the sea wall. Sometimes the right idea is to shove your camera into the little unusual spots that your eye can’t reach to get an interesting photograph. This little shelf of ice had hung on while all the world around it had melted. I was laying as flat as I could – supporting the front of my lens with my hand flat on the ice. The place smelled like bird poop (I’m sure the ice crust was about 50% goose poop and 50% water) but the golden light from the early morning sun, glinting off the bottom of that miniature ice-shelf made all the difference!



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