Flickrfan: Do not fear for i have (re)redeemed you

February 3, 2010

do not fear for i have (re)redeemed you, flickrfan, salisbury, cathedral, font, wiltshire, ripples, water,photo by ben matthews ::: on FlickrFan Stan's site licensed under Creative Commons

Photographed by ben matthews :::

one of the coolest fonts i have ever seen in a cathedral (i suspect it is not, in fact, an actually font). Made even cooler by the very nice man (a volunteer guide, i believe) who advised me to thump it to get it to ripple! (although i did feel a little like a hooligan in a house of God). i realise i have posted a very (very) similar picture before, but was just looking through my older shots, and realised how awesome the ripples were in this one.



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