Flickrfan: Advertising at the Metrodome

January 29, 2010

Advertising at the Metrodome, flickrfan, new, york, yankees, hubert, humphrey, stadium, target, expect, more, pay, less, dodge, nitro, best, buy, park, nicollet, heart, center, amd, baggie, barnes, noble, big, league, ballparks, gary, gillette, eric, enders, page, 367,photo by funny strange or funny ha ha on FlickrFan Stan's site licensed under Creative Commons

Photographed by funny strange or funny ha ha

My first physical publication besides the lexus book that wasn’t sent to me…Yea! I didn’t think Barnes & Noble would step up and send me a copy of the book but they did.

Hello, Chris.

My name is Melissa "redacted" and I’m a photo editor in the publishing division of Barnes & Noble. We would like to get your permission to use your photograph on the interior of our book coming out this fall, "Big League Ballparks". It’s a picture of the baggie in the Metrodome. You will receive a credit in the book and I can get you a copy of the book as well. If you’re willing to let us use your photo, please contact me as soon as you can. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Melissa M. "redacted"
Photography Editor
Barnes & Noble, Inc.
122 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10011



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