Flickrfan: A-Bomb

January 25, 2010

A-Bomb, flickrfan, overpower, sunlight, swing, child, boy, playground, high, noon,photo by Sean J Tobin on FlickrFan Stan's site licensed under Creative Commons

Photographed by Sean J Tobin

Playing around with overpowering sunlight at high noon. Didn’t like the results too much so I overly stylized it to compensate for my sheer and utter lack of talent.

Enjoy 😉

SB-800 on Ebay trigger and voice activated lightstand. I was actually trying to go nuclear with this one so I kind of got the effect I wanted. I really wanted to experiment with overpowering the sun but I realized that to do this, you might want to just have an unrecognizable backdrop because the back just looks like you shot on auto mode and the camera adusted exposure for the flash – underexposing the background.

Perhaps a better shot would have been a low POV with just sky in the back to not give away the illusion.

But I still like it. The only thing that keeps drawing my eye is that really harsh shadow on my son’s right arm. Oh well. We’re learning.

Another problem with this is using the ebay triggers, I can only get to 1/400 before getting out of sync. So I had to shoot at f/22 in order to achieve the look I was going for. This resulted in more detail in the background, but I think, given the feel of the shot, that actually works.



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