FlickrFan Event: Boston Photography Center February Meetup

January 14, 2010

Boston Photography Center

We are meeting @ our new space !

Finally , our own standing studio !

Please if you are planning to join us this coming wed for our monthly meeting then bring a folding chair. Monday will be our first day there , so Wednesday our third! I’m planning to purchase about 10-15 chairs, off course as you know we need more! If you are coming with the train or Bicycles ( JF) , then please email us back and we will make sure you will have chair!

The program will be interesting ..something I haven’t done !

I will be discussing subjects that they teach us in Photography school , each for 5 minutes and Q& A for another 5 !

The subjects will be varied from Nudes , Depth of Field , enhanced lighting..and more! We cant cover 2/4 years of Photography school ..but we will touch up on some subjects!

our address :175 William F McClellan Hwy, Boston, MA 02128
With the train:…

Boston, MA 02128 – USA

Wednesday, February 10 at 8:00 PM

Fee: Price: USD 5.00 per person

Meetup details


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