FlickrFan Event: travel + PHOTOGRAPHY An evening with Lou Jones

January 7, 2010

Boston Photography Center

Lou Jones to Lecture about Travel Photography at CIPNE on Thursday January 14, 2010, 6:00pm

The reasons we take up photography are varied. Art? Commerce? To some it is a way to make a living but others have visions of traveling the world, with a camera as passport, righting the wrongs and curing the ills in exotic locales. The image of two Leicas around your neck and a worn safari jacket bulging with rolls of film has been a dream for many. The complications of time, money, language, health and safety often prevent us from climbing on a plane and never coming down.

Travel with Lou Jones around the world and domestically in a manner that can be managed by anyone. See how to avoid the pitfalls, jump the hurdles and give your client more than they bargained for. Learn how to multitask in any language, research a foreign environment before and after you get there, and keep healthy for the duration. There is a lot of misinformation distributed by travel agencies, government sources and colleagues. Through photographic examples and anecdotes we will dispel the myths and show you how to “build travel muscles” for every contingency.

Getting multiple revenue streams from any given trip has been the defining characteristic to sustain freelance travel photography. Shooting for advertising, stock and magazines, sometimes on the same journey, proves possible with each successful mission. Whether a corporation is footing the bill or you are “relying on the kindness of strangers”, budgets and funding are primary concerns.

Photography is the ultimate tool for travel. With a camera, Lou Jones has visited over sixty countries around the world, 48 of the fifty states in the USA and every major city in North America on assignment—on deadline and on budget. In pictures, visit the icons, monuments, cultures that surround us. Meet with royalty and the disenfranchised. See the interiors of cathedral, pyramids, offices, and jails (but that is another story), and the vistas of Japan, Egypt, Cuba, etc..

Lou Jones has photographed first world and third world environs for editorial and commercial clients and has exhibited many of the fine art images in galleries far and wide. Many of the lessons and experiences resulted in a book travel+PHOTOGRAPHY: Off the Charts.

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EP Levine
23 Drydock Avenue,
BOSTON, MA 02210

Registration: 6:00–7:00pm
Program: 7:00–9:30pm

Cost: CIPNE Members, Free; Guests, $25; Students*, $5.

*Full-time students will be required to present their photo-IDs at registration.

Pre-registration is required for this program.
Click here to register (Non-members may pay by PayPal)….
Please note: on-line registration closes January 12th.

Please RSVP with CIPNE and pay directly to CIPNE


Boston, MA 02210 – USA

Thursday, January 14 at 6:00 PM

Attending: 3

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