Flickrfan: Unboxing the new Core i7 iMac

January 3, 2010

Unboxing the new Core i7 iMac, flickrfan, core, i7, i5, imac, 27, 2tb, hdd, snow, leopard, flat, panel, unboxing, unbox, gizmodo, engadget, cultofmac, tuaw, macworld, black, friday, apple, magic, wireless, mouse, keyboard, iphone, lacie, 1tb, hard, drive,photo by adamjackson1984 on FlickrFan Stan's site licensed under Creative Commons

Photographed by adamjackson1984

27" Screen
Intel Core i7 Processor
8 Gigabytes of Ram
2 Terabyte hard drive
AppleCare+MobileMe (Just cause)

Ordered on BlackFriday and finally arrived on the 10th of December. It’s a CTO / BTO model so I’m not surprised.

I was going to use it with my 30" Dell monitor but decided against it. I mean who honestly needs that much screen real estate?



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