Flickrfan: 3D “Peaks” tessellation technique, in progress

January 3, 2010

Photographed by EricGjerde

Working on developing a method for folding three dimensional mountain peaks, that take on an inverted "V" shape. After some thinking on the problem I came up with a fold structure that locks this into place- not vertical sides, but at a sharp angle, so it makes actual 3d structures.

This particular example is folded in a honeycomb style, but really it could be made in almost any shape. I need to play with this further and see what other intersections I can fold in this manner to expand the concept.

This folding idea and general technique came from thinking about some of Ron Resch’s designs, and his 3d structure methodology.

Also have some questions on the twist-lock for the reverse side, will share some photos of that once I do the wet shaping of this elephant hide.

(I can see now why Joel and Melisande like using elephant hide so much for these sorts of 3d tessellations. the feel and weight of the paper is particularly enjoyable to work with.)



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