Flickrfan: Dark nights

January 1, 2010

Dark nights, flickrfan, kern.justin, nikon, d700, hdr, photomatix, chicago, chicagoist, loop, lasalle, dark, knight, batman, gotham, city, street, meis, van, der, rohe, clark, randolph, hall,photo by kern.justin on FlickrFan Stan's site licensed under Creative Commons

Photographed by kern.justin

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Thanks for all your wonderful comments the last few days – I’m on my way to your stream to see what you’ve been up to!

The summer of 2008’s The Dark Knight transformed Chicago’s skyline into the brooding Gotham City. The previous Batman Begins also used Chicago, but the city’s role was far more minor in that earlier film. It was a good choice by the filmmakers; Chicago’s skyline is dramatic and well-known but not nearly so well-known as New York’s. I noticed that most images of the city avoided focusing on those buildings that are instantly identifiable as Chicago – the Hancock and the Willis Tower. The result was a dramatic and dark series of city sequences. Sometimes that same character comes out while we are shooting for tWp, especially at night. This was shot not far from where the joker’s semi was flipped end over end on LaSalle street.



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