FlickrFan Event: Photography 103 This one is a tough one..but you really need to understand it.

December 29, 2009

Boston Photography Center


Beginning any journey in a supportive, nurturing environment is a basic key to success.
I believe one of the most important ways of learning is to feel that you are paid attention to!
There are so many subtle processes and elements involved in producing a visually pleasing image.

This is a basic all you need to know workshop that would teach you from the basics of exposure, manipulation of depth of field, shutter speed, f-stops and focal range to the ultimate goal of creating compelling photographs with your camera. Choices of subject matter, the framing of an image, composition, light and shadows and appropriate treatment of portraits, landscapes, or action photo are some of the subject that will be covered in this workshop. You learn that cameras are much simpler to use and you will become very comfortable by understanding manual modes of exposure, natural light and difficult lighting situations.


1- The first hour we will cover exposure ( very important) ,a subject that most workshop dont cover and we have just added: Analyzing any faults in your photographs and errors like :flat images,improper color balance,overlapping,black spots?

2-Depth of Field , this is a very tricky part of photography..when you really get a good a grip of it, then you ‘ll create magic ..not just by luck but by truely understanding of the numbers.

Boston, MA 02114 – USA

Sunday, January 17 at 4:00 PM

Attending: 1

Fee: Price: USD 40.00 per person

Meetup details


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