FlickrFan Event: Photography 101 All you need to know about your camera !

December 29, 2009

Boston Photography Center

Beginning any journey in a supportive, nurturing environment is a basic key to success.
I believe one of the most important ways of learning is to feel that you are paid attention to!
There are so many subtle processes and elements involved in producing a visually pleasing image.

This is a basic all you need to know workshop that would teach you from the basics of exposure, manipulation of depth of field, shutter speed, f-stops and focal range to the ultimate goal of creating compelling photographs with your camera . Choices of subject matter, the framing of an image, composition, light and shadows and appropriate treatment of portraits, landscapes, or action photo are some of the subject that will be covered in this workshop. You learn that cameras are much simpler to use and you will become very comfortable by understanding manual modes of exposure, natural light and difficult lighting situations.


1-The REAL basic of understanding about the art of photography.
2-Comprehending the importance of ISO in film and digital imaging.
3-Comprehending Aperture/diaphrams (lens opening)
4-Comprehending Shutter Speed
5-Comprending the importance of exposure ( very important)

This is a two hour workshop . You spend the first 3/4 sessions indoors (classroom) and one session in the field. ( depends on the group)

Who should attend: This workshop is designed for those just getting started and also for those who still have many questions unanswered in photography. Yes, your point & shoot is also welcomed.

If you wish to pay by Paypal : each session will $38.00 and if you wish to pay by check please email Banafsheh for instructions.
Tuition: $ 144 for 4 classes OR you could also choose only one/Two/Three or all 4 sessions of your choice . Banafsheh works very carefully with each individual.

Only 8 members are allowed in each class. The location of the classroom/field trip will be announced.


The classes are in my studio ( Winthrop , Ma about 12 minutes to Boston) , direction will be given and plenty of parking . Also if you take the train , I can pick you up @ Orient Heights.Please let me know if you need a ride.

I truly encourage a lively, energetic atmosphere. I believe in taking chances and having fun are as important as successful image-making. I believe learning truly becomes affected when photographers are in the field and are helped individually,that is why the classes are kept small.

All classes will be held in Boston .
Class Cancellation Policy

Boston Photography center reserves the right to cancel a class when the required minimum enrollment is not met. Earliest notification will be given and the participant may choose either a full refund or a BPC credit.

If you wish to send me a check simply ask .

Boston, MA 02114 – USA

Monday, January 11 at 6:45 PM

Attending: 1

Fee: Price: USD 40.00 per person

Meetup details


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