Flickrfan: Susiya bread oven

December 26, 2009

Susiya bread oven, flickrfan, bedouin, susiya, ism, psp, hebron region, hebron, bethlehem, israel and palestine, palestine, israel, settlers,photo by michaelramallah on FlickrFan Stan's site licensed under Creative Commons

Photographed by michaelramallah

these are images i took while in Susiya, in the southern area of the West Bank near Bethlem and Hebron.

activists with the international solidarity movement (ISM), led a delegation of 400 anti-occupation activists to susiya, in the south hills of al-khalil (hebron) in a show of solidarity with a palestinian area often attacked by colonists from the near by settlement. both the international solidarity movement and the palestine solidarity project (PSP) have previously aided the palestinian residents of susiya in their fight against settler violence, and yesterday, their large numbers were able to force the retreat of the settlers. as the palestinian, international and israeli activists were confronted by the settlers, the colonists were forced to withdrawal and retreat because of the large crowd.

my blog entry about our work in Susiya:

our report from ISM:

here is a recent (june 2008) story from the israeli press about settler violence in Susiya:

report from IMEMC about settler attacks in Susiya:

for previous reports from PSP about settler violence in Susiya:…



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