Flickrfan: Santa just dropped in…

December 25, 2009

Santa just dropped in..., flickrfan, derop, drops, droplet, refraction, christmas, season, holiday, santa, claus, saint, st, nick, nickolas, nicholas, tradition, children, sleeping, sugar, plums, dancing, their, heads, only, one, mouse, is, stirring, that's, me, but, now, i, am, going, bed, too, casio, ex-p505, victoria, bc, canada, british, columbia, vancouver, island, square,photo by ecstaticist on FlickrFan Stan's site licensed under Creative Commons

Photographed by ecstaticist

It is 1:00am PST and Santa just dropped in. My family is asleep and I met the jolly old elf as he came down the chimney. He looked a lot like me. he enjoyed his snack, as did his reindeer. my daughter will be thrilled to see empty tart tin, the orange peels and leftover bits of carrot. And of course the presents as well.

Some Holiday drops for you.

Santa is cool.



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