Flickrfan: Cycling in Melbourne – Climate Emergency Music to march to

December 8, 2009

Cycling in Melbourne - Climate Emergency Music to march to, flickrfan, climate change, global warming, climate emergency, melbourne, protest, 2009, jazz, cycle,photo by Takver on FlickrFan Stan's site licensed under Creative Commons

Photographed by Takver

A seven seater 6 wheeled multi-cycle, which provided music to the Climate Emergency Rally.

7th photo in my Cycling in Melbourne Documentary prepared for the Photojournalism subject of the Diploma of Photoimaging I studied in Semester 1 of 2009 at NMIT.

On June 13, 2009 thousands of people rallied for action on Climate Change. On a cold and bleak Melbourne winter day thousands gathered at the State Library where they heard from Greens Senator Bob Brown and ‘Climate Codered’ author and climate activist David Spratt, and other speakers. Leaving the State Library, people marched down Swanston Street to the front of the Melbourne Town Hall where the crowd was asked to do a sitdown protest. Inside the Town Hall the Victorian State Conference of the Australian Labor Party was meeting. A woman from Tuvalu spoke on the rising seas threat to her country and other low lying nations. Damien Lawson, National Climate Change Co-ordinator for Friends of the Earth spoke on the need for a campaign of popular civil disobedience if politicians continue taking no action or ineffectual action to rapidly decrease carbon emissions. The march then continued to Treasury Gardens.

See Videos of speeches outside the Town Hall and in the Treasury Gardens at Engagemedia or on my Youtube channel:

* Climate Emergency: Damien Lawson calls for Civil Disobedience Campaign for action on Climate Change

* Climate Emergency: thousands march in Melbourne calling for action



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