FlickrFan Event: Digital Photo Academy , BPC come together :Free Portrait and calibration Class

December 1, 2009

Boston Photography Center

Free Portrait & Calibration Class with Frank Siteman

Frank Siteman, a master portrait artist, will be sharing his insights, tips and techniques at a special portrait shoot with studio and natural light, at Hunt’s Melrose on Saturday December 5th!

Also on hand will be an expert from Datacolor to show you how to preserve the true colors present from camera, to monitor and to print.

There are a number of top professional shooters out there who spend thousands of dollars on a regular basis to bring in a team of color management consultants to calibrate their scanners, monitors, and printers in an effort to ensure that their colors, tones and other visual aspects of the images they shoot, remain consistant from start to finish.

But the Saavy pro shooters are learning how to complete this crucial calibration process with simple techniques thanks to the very affordable Spyder 3 Studio SR!

At Hunt’s on 100 Main Street in Melrose, we will provide a free classroom session for the first 30 people who signup to attend from 12pm – 3pm, to observe this easy to learn process! In addition to the lesson our instructor Kathy Tarantola, will answer questions and present an impressive slideshow of her travel photography.

While there is no obligation, anyone interested in making a purchase at Hunt’s will receive a special Digital Photo Academy discount with such purchases.

Melrose, MA 02176 – USA

Saturday, December 5 at 12:00 PM

Attending: 15

Meetup details


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