Flickrfan: The moostash at its pathetic maximum density, plus exciting Army terms!

November 10, 2009

The moostash at its pathetic maximum density, plus exciting Army terms!, flickrfan,, army, oakleys, iba, ach, boom mic, iraq, hmmwv, humvee,photo by Hi, my name is Rick. on FlickrFan Stan's site licensed under Creative Commons

Photographed by Hi, my name is Rick.

The photo today is of me, in the back of an M1151 HMMWV. “HMMWV” is an acronym for the nomenclature of the vehicle you all know as the “humvee.” The acronym stands for ”High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheel Vehicle.” I think. I’m not really sure… the Army has too many acronyms. For instance, if I turned to someone in the Army and said “Hey, NLT COB we need the RFI from the SCO on the LMTV answered by either the CW3 at PLL or the XO,” they’d know exactly what I was talking about. The word “humvee” is actually derived from the phonetic pronunciation of the military acronym. Intriguing, no? I took this shot as we drove two and half hours from the location of my old job, to the location of my new job. The helmet I’m wearing is an ACH, or, Advanced Combat Helmet. This helmet replaced the old Kevlar helmet worn in the 80’s and 90’s. The sunglasses, which need no justification or explanation because of their unequivocal sweetness, are in fact bullet-proof and required. The little black plate on the front of the helmet is where we mount PVS-14’s, which are our night vision goggles. The boom-mic in front of my mouth is attached to the headphones over my ears; this set-up serves as hearing protection, and facilitates vehicle internal communications as well as external communications with your unit and the vehicles in your convoy. An unintended benefit of this magnificent device is that in a 140 degree humvee, the ear-cups fill up with sweat, which is as cool as Hepatitis or roller blading. I’m also wearing a bullet-proof vest, gloves, a long sleeve flame-retardant shirt, similarly flame retardant pants, and boots. In this picture, I am quite hot and quite covered in sweat. I didn’t, however, as is clearly evident in the picture, let these mild discomforts detract from my overtly masculine and rough-and-tumble appearance. I’ve got terrorists to scare. Or PowerPoints to generate. Whichever.

Oh, and the novelty of the moostaash has worn off; I shaved it off yesterday.



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