Flickrfan: My Gaming Tattoo

November 5, 2009

My Gaming Tattoo, flickrfan, tattoo, video game, gaming, body, art, mario, kingdom hearts, earthbound, katamari, shannon johnson, atari, dragonball, triforce, zelda, geek, gamer, fujoshi, dbz, 1up, mushroom, master sword, keyblade, ramesses, shadow, lucky cloud, xiangyun,photo by Fujoshi on FlickrFan Stan's site licensed under Creative Commons

Photographed by Fujoshi

Originally the art was drawn by Goat from Illusion Ink in Southaven, MS.
The tattoo itself was done by Shannon Johnson of Ramesses’ Shadow Tattoos in Memphis, TN. I have nothing but the best of things to say about Shannon and Kevin, they are utterly fantastic. They aren’t covered in weird piercings and neither have tattoos themselves. They are funny and utterly without ego. I felt comfortable.. almost at home there. And Shannon fixed the awful mess that the other place did to my arm. The wait time is long but seriously, why would you be in such a hurry for something so permanent that you couldn’t wait? I would never go anywhere else.
Featured in Tatouage Magazine (France 2009).



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