Flickrfan: Anti-G8 Demonstrations (07) – 06Jun07, Bad Doberan (Germany)

November 4, 2009

Anti-G8 Demonstrations (07) - 06Jun07, Bad Doberan (Germany), flickrfan, g8, 2007, g8-2007, 2007g8, bad doberan, germany, protest, demonstration, heiligendamm, black and white, bw, hill, field, march, protester, demonstrator,photo by philippe leroyer on FlickrFan Stan's site licensed under Creative Commons

Photographed by philippe leroyer

The 6th of june was the first day of the G8 meeting, and the day most of the participant arrived.
The idea of the demonstrators was to block the roads to the two gates of the fence around Heiligendamm. The goal of the police was to prevent this.
There was a 2 km red zone around the fence, heavely patroled, that was forbidden to anyone wihtout a proper accreditation.
When the march started from the Reddelich camp, the protesters were quickly stop by a first police blockade.
What the police hadn’t thought about is that the demonstrators immediately went into the woods.
5000 people went through the woods and fields.
Meeting on a hill, they splitted into five groups, each marching in a different direction, bringing total chaos in the police organization.
The first group arrived soon after to the east entrance of the fence, quickly joined by the others.
The police force was at that moment on that spot of around 20 men. Who couldn"t stop 5000 people arriving.
They soon got reinforcement, but a bit of panic was visible in the first minutes.
Cops told us later that they were there on a break, thinking it would be a quiet location. Nobody told them the demonstrators were heading their way. It was quite a surprise to suddenly see 5000 people appear and marching on them.
The entire day went quite peacefully (water-canons where used at another location to clean a blockade). Some of the Black Block guys just destroyed a fence.
The blockade went on during the night, demonstators sleeping there.

As the G8 will be meeting in Heiligendamm from the 6th until the 8th of June, protestors gather in Rostock and cities around, organizing demonstrations.

[Taken in Bad Doberan (Germany) – 06Jun07]

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