Flickrfan: Blue Lake, St Bathans

November 3, 2009

Blue Lake, St Bathans, flickrfan, st bathans, central otago, new zealand, blue, lake, graduated, nd, filter, single exposure, photocontest-tnc09,photo by Chris Gin on FlickrFan Stan's site licensed under Creative Commons

Photographed by Chris Gin

I’m back from my South Island trip. It was a good week, despite the weather trying its best to ruin it for us. Our host, Bevan Tulett (whose photo tours I highly recommend) made the best of each day by literally chasing the light from place to place (e.g on an overcast day he would see a gap in the clouds 20km away and drive there so we could get better light!).

I was hoping to come back with lots of amazing sunrises/sunsets but that wasn’t to be. We only had one good sunrise, the rest were pretty ordinary. I did get a few nice early morning and late afternoon shots though, such as this one.

This is the Blue Lake in St Bathans (named for its distinctive blue colour caused by the minerals in the water). It was man-made by miners digging away at a 120m hill until all that was left was a 68m deep pit. When the mining stopped, the hole filled with water forming the lake.

We got here before sunrise and checked out various compositions. It was a cold, frosty morning and it seemed to take an eternity for the sun to rise over the hills to our right. Once the sun finally got up, it lit up the cliffs and mountains in the background and we clicked away. Although there was a slight breeze, the lake was calm enough to produce some gorgeous reflections.

This is a single exposure, taken using a 2-stop graduated ND filter. Very little post-processing here, this was exactly how it appeared that morning.

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