FlickrFan Event: Night Photography with Corey

October 28, 2009

Calgary Photography Group

Night Photography Date: Thursday November 5
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Stanley Park (Riverdale Ave SW & 4 St SW)Meet near the Elbow River pathway.

Google Maps Link:…

Let’s do some night photography. The main goal of this meet will be to some light graffiti/light painting. Here is a link to the kinds of photos that we will be taking,(…)

Here is list of things that you MUST bring.1. A Tripod – We will be doing long exposures so a tripod is an absolute must.
2. A flashlight – Everyone will need at least one flashlight, more is better.
3. Something that makes a coloured light (The brighter the better)- A coloured LED light- Glow Sticks with a cord or string- Sparklers- A flashlight with coloured cellophane on it- Be creative, if it makes light bring it.
4. Your creativity

You might also want to bring along:
1. A flash for your camera
2. Warm clothes & Gloves
3. A cable release/remote for your camera
4. A Halloween mask. These photos are meant to be fun so it never hurts to put an unusual element in them. I will be doing a brief explanation on techniques of shooting in very low light conditions, so if you have never shot at night before don’t worry. I do ask that you dig out your camera manual and learn how to put your camera on the Bulb exposure setting. (Hint: it’s usually the exposure after a 30 sec exposure) If you have any questions please feel free to comment below or Email me through the site.

See you all there,

Calgary, AB T2P 1J9 – Canada

Thursday, November 5 at 7:00 PM

Attending: 6

Meetup details


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