Flickrfan: Divorce

October 25, 2009

Divorce, flickrfan, ring, finger, fingers, divorce, wedding ring, amputation, amputated, break-up, photoshopped, #twphch, #twphch 003,photo by jcoterhals on FlickrFan Stan's site licensed under Creative Commons

Photographed by jcoterhals

I’m still trying to follow the #TwPhCh group (Twitter Photo Challenge) here on Flickr. This week’s challenge is "rundt" which is norwegian for both round/circular and around.

I spent some time thinking about what’s round in the world and what those items signify. It was hard not to think about wedding rings and what they signify. But you know: Yours forever etc — well, we all know that. I started thinking about how a ring can actually signify that the circle is broken, i.e. divorce or a break-up.

This is an attempt at least.

Technical stuff:

Two exposures, aperture priority f/8.0, exposure compensation +1, one exposure of the hand, the other of the ring. Some time spent in Photoshop Elements trying to make the cuts look as realistic as possible without being bloody (as the blood part just isn’t the point in this case).



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