FlickrFan Event: Fashion Photography Workshop 2009 by Positive Image

October 24, 2009

Boston Photography Center

Before I get into the description please understand Ron is a professional photographer with over 30 years of experience. Also the models are professional and wont work in a crowded room of 20+ people . So with this said you are experiencing individual attention since the workshop is only for 8.

Flashes popping, beautiful women, good looking men, and exotic locations… this is fashion photography in the movies, where more attention is paid to the models and photographers than to the clothes. In reality, clothes are paramount during a fashion shoot. Models are a vehicle to display the clothes and the right model is one of the key elements to creating a successful shot for the client. The team of model, makeup artist, stylist, and photographer executes the art director’s concept.
Ron has been shooting fashion since the late 70s. He has seen styles come, go, and come back again. The business has evolved from the photographer hashing out a concept with an art director during an interview to dropping your book off to art buyers so they can see if you have the right style for the art director’s concept.
Ron is a teacher with 20 years experience instructing college level design courses and also operates an architecture/interior design firm. His design aesthetic continuously influences his fashion work.
Once you are booked as the photographer you become the team leader/project manager. You will learn how to: understand and execute the shoot concept, cast the shoot, manage the shoot, practice proper studio techniques, walk away with a satisfied client.
Fashion Photography Workshop:
10am Coffee and bagels
Morning session:
Setting up a studio what you need.
Working with clients and art directors: what’s in your book and the interview.
Studio strobe lighting, the modeling light advantage
Strobe modifiers
Digital workflow
Clear up the mysteries surrounding color balance
Using a histogram while you are shooting
Shooting tethered to a computer for the ultimate preview
Management of your image files
12:30 Lunch break discussion:
The makeup artist will give you pointers on how to hire and interface with her/him. Lots of time for questions.
Bring your own lunch. There are several places to get takeout with 1 min. walk of the studio.
1:30 4pm: Live shoot with a model on the set:
The shoot concept
What should the model wear, styling the shoot
Directing the model
Managing the makeup artist/stylist
Qand A will happen all day long.
When: Sunday November 8th. 10am to 4pm
@ Positive Image studio, 135 Massachusetts Ave, Boston
Price of the workshop is $175.

Boston, MA 02115 – USA

Sunday, November 8 at 10:00 AM

Attending: 1

Fee: Price: USD 175.00 per person

Meetup details


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