FlickrFan Event: Shooting in the Rain (short notice)

October 23, 2009

Boston Photography Center

Due to the rain, I’ve canceled the King Richard’s Faire Click & Shoot for tomorrow. That sort of event just doesn’t work well for shooting in the rain. However, downtown cityscapes do!

Everyone and their mother has shots of nice, sunny days. C’mon admit it. You do too! The problem with those shots are they’re usually taken in the crappiest light known to humans. Shake up your routine and your portfolio with moody shots of wet, downtown streets. Trust me. You haven’t shot Boston until you’ve got city lights shimmering off wet pavement!

Here’s the plan: we’ll gather a while before sunset and shoot until after dark. Then if people want to hang out, socialize and get warm afterwards, we can head to a local restaurant or pub for a bite to eat.

When: 5:00pm (sunset is around 5:50pm)

Where: Outside Park Street T Station (We’ll make the shooting locations fluid. We could end up wandering Downtown Crossing, the financial district, Fanueil Hall, and/or the North End, any other area you’d like to suggest, etc.)

What to bring:

1) Rain coat
2) Dress warmly though it is supposed to be 60 out tomorrow
3) Camera
4) Tripod or Monopod (low light will mean you’ll want some sort of support for longer exposure, though its certainly not required if you’re looking to do more abstract images)
5) Some method of keeping your camera dry. Many people have specialized rain covers. Many people just us a shopping bag with a hole cut out and stick their lens through. I personally use this cheapo rain cover which can also be bought at your local Hunt’s Photo:…
6) A lens cleaning cloth and/or towel in a shopping bag to dry off anything that might get wet.
7) Tissues (It’ll be chilly out, though it shouldn’t be overly cold. But for those runny noses…)

Boston, MA 02114 – USA

Saturday, October 24 at 5:00 PM

Attending: 1

Meetup details


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