FlickrFan Event: Essentials of Photography – Exposure, working with light as your camera sees it.

October 23, 2009

Brighton Photographers

TTL, Spot, Matrix, Evaluative… Mastering all of the different terms can be a bit intimidating. When you switch off of the auto setting, do you get images that are too dark or too bright? Are your indoor images green or yellow? How to you handle ‘mixed’ lighting sources?

This workshop is designed to help you understand the way your camera "sees" light. Get out and start using your camera… more specifically in manual mode. This session will focus primarily on creating the "proper" exposure and using your cameras to control shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

This will be an active workshop where you’ll be using your camera to shoot various subjects along our photo-walk that will demonstrate each concept and help you grow in your understanding of your camera and knowledge of photography.

Other topics covered in this workshop:

* Exposure Values
* Reciprocity
* Overexposure and underexposure
* Automatic vs. Manual exposure
* Exposure compensation

* Time Exposures
* Exposure Latitude – Highlights & Blacks
* High Dynamic Range

Using your camera becomes more natural with repetition. These workshops are designed to give you an opportunity to discover what you and your camera are capable of and to practice your new skills with a helpful and supportive group of friends.

Bring your camera and a memory card, a fully charged battery, a creative spirit and an open mind. Weather permitting, we’ll be doing a fair bit of walking, talking and photographing. Be prepared to participate and to have a great time!

Note: The same workshop will be offered twice each week to accommodate as many participants as possible. Workshops are designed to be self contained so if you can’t make it for a particular workshop one week, you’ll still be able to jump in the following week without trouble.

Refreshments will be provided.

These bite-sized workshops are designed to cover the various aspects of digital SLR photography in depth, giving each participant time to practice and fully understand each principle before moving on. Each week we will offer a new workshop covering another essential photography topic designed to wean you from Auto mode and improve your photography skills. These workshops are designed for beginning and amateur photographers wanting to improve their skills and interact with others that share a common interest. (i.e. have fun with friends)

Fort Lupton, CO 80621 – USA

Thursday, November 5 at 6:30 PM

Attending: 1

Fee: Price: USD 20.00 per person

Meetup details


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