Flickrfan: Stevia, before and after

October 17, 2009

stevia, before and after, flickrfan, stevia, sugar substitute, sweetener, plant, asteraceae, stevia rebaudiana,photo by oceandesetoiles on FlickrFan Stan's site licensed under Creative Commons

Photographed by oceandesetoiles

Whoops, didn’t realize that this photo hadn’t been uploaded. This is the NOW Foods stevia product that I mentioned in regard to other stevia items that I saw today. My lady friend bought this package last year (?). It contains 100 packets of stevia extract combined with rice maltodextrin. Because stevia extract is so much sweeter than cane sugar, we typically only use a portion of each packet in teas or for baking. There are still scores of packets yet to be used.

NOW Foods is an Illinois-based natural foods manufacturer. It supplies many of the products for the Fruitful Yield stores around the Chicago area. In fact, I believe NOW Foods might be FY’s parent company.

The mature Stevia rebaudiana on theright was grown from a starter that I bought at a suburban Meijer in May. Their organic herbs were on sale for $1.50 each one week early in the season. I’ve had this one growing indoors since August, while its sibling was planted outdoors until last week.



One Response to “Flickrfan: Stevia, before and after”

  1. Yoda Smith Says:

    I like SweetLeaf Sweetener Stevia! YUM!

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