Flickrfan: Guitar effects.JPG

October 16, 2009

Guitar effects.JPG, flickrfan, guitar, 1st person, pedal, guitar pedal, effects, green, orange, delay, rock, puma, fender, fretboard, guitar neck, line 6, mxr, boss, danelectro, distortion, cords, cables, mostviews,photo by billaday on FlickrFan Stan's site licensed under Creative Commons

Photographed by billaday

My guitar and its pedalboard:
Guitar > tuner, DS-1 distortion, MXR phase 90, Danelectro Back Talk reverse delay, Line 6 delay > amp.
In each corner is my amp pedal and a spare A/B pedal.
(Strangly enough, every pedal of mine seems to be orange or green.)



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