FlickrFan Event: Model’s & Photographer’s Portfolio Shoot

October 7, 2009

Brighton Photographers

Monthly portfolio shoot for models and photographers. These monthly meetups are designed to attract professional and semi-professional models and photographers for portfolio freshening. Beginners are also encouraged to attend to start building their portfolios.

This will be a location shoot outdoors while the weather is acceptable this fall. Photographers are encouraged to bring lighting and modifiers suitable to the location as well as your fresh ideas. A wide range of photographer experience is expected so help those photographers that aren’t as familiar with shooting models as you and learn from others with more experience or talent. All models are to be photographed tastefully and respectfully.

Let’s see if we can get in some outdoor shoots in this fall at the lake before it get’s too cold.
Models, please include a link to your OMP or MM portfolio in your profile so the photographers can see your previous work. Signed model release required.

Note: Models RSVP for free. We need one model for each two photographers. All models will be paid based upon this relationship. This means that if we have 6 photographers RSVP, then we have need for 3 models that will be paid. If we have 12 photographers RSVP, then we will pay 6 models, and so on. Additional models that RSVP after the need is filled will be photographed on a TFCD basis. Models will be selected based upon their experience and portfolio requirements of the photographers paying for the meetup.

Brighton, CO 80603 – USA

Saturday, October 17 at 2:00 PM

Attending: 3

Fee: Price: USD 25.00 per person

Meetup details


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